In collaboration with Nikos Margaritis and Theodore Klouvas.
The owners of the restaurant wanted to refublish the existing Greek restaurant "Delphi" and turn it into a modern industrial kitchen bar with a clear Greek identity. The restaurant was renamed to GRK&ZO and our team took over the new design not only of the interior but also of the logo, the menus and the visit cards of the restaurant. 
The main idea was to design a place that could be used all day long and could serve coffee, lunch, dinner and drinks. Due to its rectangular shape, the restaurant was divided into three horizontal zones that would have a different character but be used for all cases, too. The first zone, which is close to the windows, is the lounge area. Warm lights and softer fabrics are used in this zone which is also the welcome zone for the clients. The second zone is the darkest of the restaurant and hosts the big bar, the stands and the DJ. The tables in front of the DJ are ment to be removed in case of a party. The third zone is lightened up by the two skylights, hosts the main restaurant hall and is placed exactly next to the open kitchen. 
The decoration of the Kitchen Bar is inspired by the old industrial Greek elements that are reintroduced to the Dutch audience.