University of Thessaly, GR | Architectural Design Studio II
Professor: Evelyn Gavrilou
Program: The project concerns the design of a house for a family of four by the sea.


The studying of the coastal site focused on the multiple views that the site offers. The sea in the southeast and the mountainous region of Pelion in the northwest are the two vistas according to which the building is oriented. The country house was designed in order to provide maximum contact with the natural landscape without reversing the desired isolation from the neighboring houses. Moreover, because of the small size of the site, I was motivated to cover as much as possible of it and design an open interior space.

The building

In order to achieve this goal a three-floor glass box with a metal frame was created. On each floor, slabs protrude from the box depending on the requirements of their use and create closed glass cantilevers that offer different views. The first level is raised by 1.50m from the ground where low houseplants are planted.
The various levels cover only part of the general framework and, as they are free from internal partitions, they have visual contact with the garden and some selected points of the lower floors.
Finally, the glass box is covered with wooden shutters that can be rotated individually both per floor and per side. This offers an additional view of the surrounding area and contributes to the ventilation of the interior.